About Challenges
About Challenges

About Challenges 

Open innovation has demonstrated significant benefits for many large companies and public sector entities globally by allowing them to engage with a diverse network of potential solution partners, at relatively low cost and in a short time whilst still protecting intellectual property and competitive advantage. This is done through the posting of Challenges.3

What is a Challenge

A Challenge is a specific business problem defined by a solution seeker in government or the private sector that articulates a problem, key specifications and the desired results of a potential solution. It is written into a concise and compelling 2-3 page document inviting potential problem solvers to respond with a proposal of their solution to the Challenge. Each Challenge is carefully crafted in collaboration with the organisation to address a genuine need and attract the appropriate solution providers.

Challenge Process

OpenIX draws on an established RIIS Cmethodology, aimed at building high-performance open innovation organisations. This methodology is built upon the robust and rigorous NineSigma model (needs definition, engage, evaluation and acquire), proven to be the most effective and expedient method for connecting solution seekers with high-quality solution providers. The NineSigma methodology has been implemented in a number of companies in South Africa.The Challenge process implements the C4 steps below.

  1. Challenge DefinitionThe Challenge is defined by a carefully selected team of experts familiar with the Challenge topic.

  2. Connect to the Innovation Ecosystem: Promote the Challenge within networks of potential solution providers

  3. Consider the Proposal: Evaluate, following a dashboard approach to test what has been delivered against the defined need.

  4. Commit to Make the Deal: When a potential solution provider has been identified the normal procurement process will be followed with regard to the Challenge owner organisation, while the OpenIX team continues to play an active role in making connections to funders, markets and expertise to support innovation development and implementation.

Submitting a Challenge

Challenges are defined and posted through a rigorous process which ensures that the need is defined in a way that will attract the appropriate solution providers. Should your organisation be interested in posting a Challenge on OpenIX please contact the OpenIX team for more details..

Responding to a Challenge

Anyone is able to respond to a Challenge if they believe they have a novel solution to the need identified. To do so you need to be a registered member of OpenIX. Following registration you should open the selected Challenge and click on the 'Submit a Response' button. You will then be guided through the submission of response information which will include the download and completion of a response template offline. You should only provide non-confidential information in your response but include sufficient 'hooks' to point the Challenge owner to the potential of your solution, such as what your innovation does (not how it does it), any successful tests conducted and team capabilities or experience.


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